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July 20, 2010

Diaries of the Maid of Honor (20-July-10)

Gown fitting...

I finally made a trip to KL for the bridesmaid gown fitting. *phew*
So that's the first time that I visited Valerie Fan's Wedding Gallery. I can say that she's really highly recommended. Elegant design and high quality material. It's pricey...but worth it! =)

Valerie Fan's 1
Valerie's collections.

Valerie Fan's 2
Wedding shoes.

Valerie Fan's 3
Valerie helping me with my hair.

Valerie Fan's 4
Pretty in pink. It's not yet completed. It'll be full of Swarovski crystals.

Valerie Fan's 5
Valerie Fan.

Valerie Fan's 6
Wedding shoes.

Valerie Fan's 7
Mich checking out my dress.

Now... my wedding gown fitting...

What do you think? =P

Wedding gown

Now I should start my own wedding diary too. One year to write.


Thank you. Designer's masterpiece. Sure nice one. =)

start a company too then =D

loooks so sweet in that pink one!!!

ken: bridal shop? i dont have $$ to start one..

amandaeriopapilio: thanks!

both the dresses look great on u... & u have ur eye on ur to-be wedding gown? r they available for both rental and sale?

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