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July 26, 2010

Dare to eat this?

Almost everybody is eating it in Siem Reap. My masseur told me that once you tried it, you'll be addicted to it. However it's harmful to skin, especially girls. Hearing this I knew that I'd not gonna taste it at all, furthermore it does look disgusting...

Yep, this is duck fetus/embryo, or more commonly called balut.


The guys got a chance to try it during dinner, and they did! I thought I was going to throw up when I watched them eating... I still think it's disgusting until today.




Me:      It's so disgusting to eat balut...
Friend: What is so disgusting?
Me:      Don't you think it's so inhumane to eat a fetus? It's not even hatched!!
Friend: You can accept egg. And you eat chicken. What's wrong with eating something in between?? You're the one who has problem.
Me:      ....

Would you eat this?


**I'm sorry if the pictures made you feel irritated or made you lose appetite.


uhh.. no? so disgusting lah! =/

oh my god! I tot only philipino has such a tradition eating!!! arggh... you are so brave, can take picture somemore... yii yeerr....

oh dear.. it doesn't look appetizingg.... feels almost cruel to eat it... yes ironic.. coz we eat eggs etc etc cooked animals...

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