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June 16, 2010

Diaries of the Maid of Honor (16-June-10)

Now... the hair-do...

Today I just received another wedding invitation from my childhood sista Caren. She's marrying a Mauritian! Cool.. However due to the last minute invitation (she's really really busy flying all over the globe..a stewardess), I can't make it to her wedding... (+.+)

Regarding Mich's wedding, I've started to think about how the MoH's hair should look like. Perhaps one of the below? I don't wanna tie a bun because my face is chubby (still..although I've lost quite a bit of fat after these years), and it will definitely spoil the beauty of our dress. Furthermore Mich should be the prettiest and shine like a diva/princess on her big day, so I should just let my hair down. Afterall my natural wavy hair is not that bad though. I don't need a curler at all, that's even simpler to spare some time for the morning make-up eh.. =)

Personally I like Carrie Underwood's partial up-do the most (second row the first one)! Mich also agreed that it suits me. I think it's gonna shape up and make my face looks a little longer too~ Else, the third row first one also not bad. Ish...being a MoH is not easy at all. So many things to consider and to survey. But I'm enjoying it!


Go for it sis! I love the hairstyle you picked. :)

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