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May 23, 2010

Diaries of the Maid of Honor (23-May-10)

Blessings to you my dear sis. In 8 hours time, you will be officially Mrs. Khoo. =) I'm really really sorry that I couldn't make it to your R.O.M. (d*mn... I'm the worst best friend ain't I) Thanks to the stupid vendor who had dragged the timeline to fix my machine (which was suppose to be 2 weeks earlier) and reschedule twice until screw up my plan! Anyway don't let the unhappy stuffs ruin the wedding mood. I've never been happier to see you finally found your Prince Charming!

DR. KHOO, YOU'RE ONE OF THE MOST BLESSED MEN ON EARTH TO FIND SUCH A GREAT WIFE! She's all yours after tomorrow, but I'm still part of her life because things will never change between the best friends. Learn to accept that ok? =P

**Updates!! Eng Lea & Mich's R.O.M photo this morning!! Lovely~


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