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May 11, 2010

Diaries of the Maid of Honor (11-May-10)

You know what... recently more and more of my ex-classmates and friends are getting married. Well, more accurately, already had their R.O.M. 2 of my best friends are joining the wife's club this year. And so I've started to get questioned about when is my turn... >_<

I've always have this illusion that one day I'll be going off for holiday somewhere and by the time I'm back home ~*POOF!!* sUrpRiseD!!! I'M MARRIED!! Don't faint yea..

I love my life to be full of surprises, and I don't mind being unprepared for some really big surprises! I'm at most of the time underestimated, and people can't guess what's up with me next. I love doing things differently, and that's why I only have very few best friends, because it's true when people say --- one of a kind. My best sisters behave differently, and that made us click.

Gosh...what kinda diary am I writing today??!! Just blabbing... I'm really bad, still haven't go for the gown fitting yet.

Well Mich, you gotta start counting down on your R.O.M!!! 12 more days to go.


Hehe Sis! I'm always ready for your big suprises... do what you feel the best in your life!

Now you are getting married!!!!!!!

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