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April 17, 2010

Quickies from Macau & Hong Kong

**Am in Mongkok now. Yet to upload any pics on HK. The world has changed... Very bad weather in Macau yesterday, only 14degC!!! I couldn't believe that we need winter wear in April!!! Even the locals think so too. Was raining cats and dogs whole day, thus we missed so many places that we were suppose to go...ish.... I miss my baby.


Welcome to Macau! Is still very cold, but will be better on the weekend,
will you go to HK? or will you stay longer in Macau?
I will go to HK for the weekend...
Hope you have nice weekend! Enjoy the rest of the trip! ^.^

Oh sorry, I think you're in HK now, because you said you're in Mongkok...
Btw, enjoy your trip! ^.^

Hey Rafael, ya I'm already in HK. Too bad I couldn't spend more time in Macau. And quite disappointed this trip due to the bad weather... sigh... no choice. Come back again next time. =)

enjoy your trip~ have a fun fashion hunt~ hehehehe~

brings back memories of my day trip in macau when i visited hongkong last year. really wished i had spent more time in macau coz it was raining on that day too...

I will go back again! Maybe should spend 1 week there because I really really like Macau.

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