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April 22, 2010


yay for wax figurines!


The wax figurine kinda look a bit weird eh?

Yea...some looks weird, Ayumi's as well. I have snapped the photos of almost 90% of the figurines in Madame Tussaud's at The Peak. Gonna post a full version one for sharing, should be good enough to satisfy those who haven't visited the wax museum yet.

haha.. nice one. then i too already have dates with angelina jolie, britney spears, shrek (yeah seriously), miley cyrus at london last year.. =P

hahahaha~ ya, if u want u can be a bigger star than her~

Haha, you look better than those figurines! ^.^
I also shoot all of them when I visited Madame Tussaud's,
I agree with Eu Jin, many of them are very unnatural,
the Beatles are my favorite!

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