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April 11, 2010

How complaint and escalation works

We went to Chili's for dinner yesterday because I miss Mexican cuisine after coming back from Singapore. Chili's is the only place for Mexican food in Penang I guess, does anyone know if there is another place? If yes please tell me...appreciate that.

So I ordered my favorite Mushroom Jack Fajitas as usual, and after waiting for 15 minutes my food finally arrived. To my surprised, it was not hot at all! Food served with hot plate is suppose to be sizzling hot right? Else why would you use a hot plate?! Furthermore the cheese didn't melt either.

We called the waitress and waiter, and complained about my cold food. They nodded and then left, so I waited for 5 minutes but nobody attended to me. I was damn hungry so we decided to just eat it. WHAT TO DO?

Afterwards the manager passed by and so we stopped him and repeat the complaint. This is more like an escalation now. And...aha...we thought it's only for improvement purpose on the service and food, but, ended up the item being waived. =) He apologized for the incident and cancelled my Mushroom Jack in the bill.

See this? FOOD COLD COMPLAINT -40.95. Well, this is something that F&B professionals should be. Instead of losing more customer on small matters, they gained back the confidence of their customer. Maybe at least another chance given for a next visit right.

Things work about just the same in our daily life, if you do things base on assumptions, you will probably end your day screwing up own life. Keep quiet is the weakness of most Asians I should say. I'm not. Speak up and find the truth, who knows what better things might come next when you do your part in this community.

Escalation works, but do it wisely. To the right authority and the right person on correct purpose. Agree?


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