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March 18, 2010

Loitering around the 'palace' (part III)

...continue from the previous post...

I took a walk in the garden (could feel the sun burning my skin..ouch!) enjoying the breeze in the desert.


A very nice gazebo for poolside chatting and high-tea. But the weather... So we only come here at night.


I did not bring my swimsuit. Did not think of swimming at all so didn't pack.


I came out from there, the lobby.


Airplane passing by~ A pair!


It's almost lunch. I felt as if I'm the bacon under the sizzling hot sun. It's already the end of Spring, of course hot.


Sidi Ali. Our daily aqua. I don't like mineral water. Taste like mineral. Weird.


Lunch. Sandwich. When out of Asia, one portion of food is always too much for me. Even in North Africa.


Everyone hates mustard. Except me. I think I had 2 bottles of the mustard but couldn't even finish the sandwich.


3 more hours before the welcoming dinner. Obviously I was already back to my room. Thought of taking a nap but the mild jetlag made me couldn't sleep. Time zone screwed up after the 20+ hours flight & transit plus the 12-hour walking tour in London. :S

Nice balcony? Catch up with you again in the dinner post. =)

room balcony panorama


I like the second picture. Nice shadow! =)

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