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March 29, 2010

Life is like that... 请你好好放低!

As the Chinese saying goes, "一失足成千古恨", it just happened around me today... *Sigh*

In life we might not be so aware of the consequences of every steps we take, if there is no pay or gain. Many people did wrong at every seconds, but only the unlucky ones get the pain. We're almost like products that go through sampling, if you have defects but you're lucky, then you're not captured as a reject. Vice versa.

That's life isn't it. I'm being a little emo these days.. Too much things happened around me!

Learn to breathe...

And today definitely sucks as it reminds me of one of the most disappointed moments in my life. Today sucks! Because it's 29th March 2010 and I should not be sitting here...

黄子华 is sacarstic but he's right about life... 请你好好放低!
(if you watch his talk show of 栋笃笑之儿童不宜, you get what I mean)


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