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March 11, 2010

Kenzi Menara Palace, Marrakech

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This was 2am upon arrival in our hotel - Kenzi Menara Palace. I knew it is a 5-star luxurious resort before we came, that made me excited. I mean, staying in a luxurious hotel in the desert is not something I can afford on a vacation right now (I love business trips!) and whoever stays there should be the richmen. And especially at somewhere which really made you think that you're standing in front of a palace..




I was puzzled for a while when I opened the door. I GOT A SUITE??!! A £300+/night suite! I was really lucky then (yea I posted about this too during my first day in Marrakech).









Enough to keep a 20 people group in my suite! Honestly, you might feel a little eerie when entering the bathroom late at night. But I am the type who never think of ghost stories when staying alone...yea, that's the right decision isn't it? Don't waste such a great opportunity being rewarded in such a luxurious way (of course I put a lot of effort to get this).

Shall share the photos of the resort in my next post. I spent the whole morning and afternoon wandering around the 'palace' before our rehearsal session and also the welcoming dinner. Till then. ^."


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