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December 21, 2009

Shopping day @ Old Market, Siem Reap

No flight home... Thus we stayed another day in Siem Reap after the competition. Having checked out from the 5-star resort, we checked in to another nice hotel which is only a 5-minute-walk from the famous Old Market.


Quite a decent hotel.



I like the Angkor Wat poster in their lobby very very much.


My room. Spacious enough for more than just me....


But IT!!! A big gecko in my room! (this photo was taken days before in the first hotel corridor, but the size is exactly the same) Geez.... I was shocked when it suddenly appeared at the window pane when I was sitting next to the window online-ing!(><)

Picture 215

After unpacking, we went to the Old Market.

Wanna give your shoes a good "make-up"?


The Cambodian flag flying~ While princess sunburning....


Super hot weather in May!!


Low season. Hardly saw any visitors except us.


Some interesting snacks you can find along the roadside.


Look like clams. But I did not try. Looks not hygienic... I was worried my stomach couldn't take it.


Old Market is a market, obviously. You can find all sorts of goods there. Good bargain.

All kinds of salted fish.


All sorts of rice.


All varieties of herb fragrances in fancy packing.


All types of wood crafts.


And even insect wines!!

Picture 453

See... this was how we spent our $$$~


Too much attractions.... I couldn't help it!!

Picture 454

Later in the afternoon, I was very very tired and exhausted after sweating for hours doing shopping around Old Market. I asked the Khmer lady why most of the shops there were not a fan or air-cond installed, and she gave me an answer that I did not expect...

The Khmer lady: "We don't really like cold weather. It's cold during year end when winter comes, and we're afraid of the cold. Isn't it good to be hot?"

Me: "...."

I was already freaking hot at that time and she's telling me that the Khmers are afraid of cold..

So damn hot. So I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon somewhere cozy. Alas came to this shop.


BE V.I.P Massage. Sounds great for me to hide from the melting heat outside.


My friendly masseur. We had a nice long chat throughout 2 hours. She's really a nice lady, and she told me a lot about Cambodia and her life. Cambodia is still very poor, and a lot of the residents in Siem Reap had never leave their home before, never even been to Phnom Penh. I realized the Khmers really really hate the Siamese. So bear in mind NEVER EVER COMPARE CAMBODIA WITH THAILAND in front of a Khmer.


I made the right choice, enjoying a "V.I.P" massage instead of continue shopping under the hot sun. Last photo taken before I ended my 1 hour reflexology and continue with my 1 hour powder body massage. Only $10 for reflexology + body massage. I bet you can't get it in Bangkok and Phuket, Hatyai maybe yes. Personally I like Khmer massage more than Thai massage because it's more gentle and suitable for females. However to my guy team mates it's the other way round.



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