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December 23, 2009

In-N-Out Burger

Definitely one of the most delicious cheese burger I've ever tasted! I believe that's the secret recipe that keep the business growing for 60 years, from 1 outlet to 240 outlets today. Read this.

Their concept: Ordering as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Only 3 types of burger to choose: (1) Double-double; (2) Cheeseburger; (3) Hamburger.
Then get a packet of French Fries, lastly the drinks.





Better than McD. Really. If you ask those who had tried In-N-Out before, they will give you the same answer.


Yummy-lycious. Before it disappeared into my stomach.


Thanks Jayant, for this simple yet wonderful meal.


Omg...the cheeeessssseeee

California? My friend told me about this burger outlet when he's studying in Fresno.

Yeah, in California. Very popular drive through burger outlet. It's quite funny when you see 10-15 chefs doing the cooking in the kitchen, preparing the same orders.

aiyo how to get this in Malaysia omg!

* drooling *

but then... is so far

Spinzer: Maybe I should bid for the franchise? =p

Baby: Yeah...too far...and I miss the burger...

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