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November 2, 2009

Pub Street, Siem Reap

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Second round celebration for winning the champion. We went to the famous Pub Street of Siem Reap. This should be the only place that you can find some night life in Siem Reap. The dashing smile was from heart, after winning the award, because the next thing in my mind at that time was my Marrakech trip~

The Cambodia tuk tuk and I

Pub Street is just streets away from the Old Market.

Here you can find some recommended restaurants and also guesthouses.

The famous Red Piano.

Anthony looked so blur after the dinner. Too excited huh?

The Pub Street signboard.

One shop that caught my attention was this cute little cafe selling pearl milk tea or bubble tea. I just love the very bubbly design.

Pub Street is not very long, it took only 5 minutes to walk from the start to the end.

Tuk tuk driver waiting for customer. It was low season in Siem Reap during our visit, therefore it was not so crowded nor happening.

Interesting signboards with Khmer language that I cannot understand.

The street was very peaceful during low season. Summer time, definitely very hot even at night.

And can see that business was not good too.

Shops with special names that caught our attention.

Life was slow....very slow....

Even cats were enjoying their 'guesthouse'! Time for sleep.

We walked around the whole area searching for a place that is able to fit us all.

Alas we came to Le Tigre de Papier.

Our lady said all drinks on her! Yeah~

After sweating for hours, my face turned so damn oily. Luckily my make-up did not melt..

Nai had not finished with the food ordering yet.

I looked across the street, there was this orchestra group of people again, performing for donation to the landmine victims.

Very few people on the street.

Nai distributed our certificates while waiting for the food and drinks to be served.

As usual, I ordered my favorite mango smoothie.

What was Wignes laughing at?? You know what, lots of Cambodians told him that they love his smile with the braces on, they envy him because they cannot afford to have it.

2 days later we went to the Rooftop Bar & Grill after dinner. That was during our extended trip because no flight back home yet until Monday.

From the rooftop -- the overview of Pub Street.


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