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November 4, 2009

Princess Giveaway - 5 pieces of "My Beauty Diaries 我的美丽日记" essence mask

Hey babes, I have something for you!!

Want to have a free try of my favorite essence mask "My Beauty Diaries 我的美丽日记"? This brand is very very popular in Taiwan and you can get RM18/2pcs from Watson's or Guardian. Now I'm giving it free as a treat for my readers, be it a babe or a dude.

I just realized that I have 20 pcs of theeesseeee and my cousin sis had just brought back another limited edition package from Taiwan for me! I can sell it but it's be more meaningful to giveaway to my readers.

Wanna win this? I will give away 5 pieces this time. Answer the questions below and link me in your blog or website. The first 5 person who has the most correct answers will receive one piece of mask by delivery.

(1) How many countries have I visited?
(2) Which transit during one of my trips took me more than 10hours? (Hint: A380)
(3) How many people was there in my group in my Phuket trip?
(4) How many times did I ride on a dromedary in Marrakech?
(5) What color was the jacket that I wore to Fisherman's Wharf?

Only 5 questions to win yourself a free "My Beauty Diaries" mask. Send me your answers to cheryltan_11@hotmail.com and remember to put a comment at the post to remind me that you've submitted. I will publish the correct answer after the first 5 readers got the correct answer. Then I shall get your mailing address later on for the delivery.


**This giveaway is only entitled to Malaysia's citizens. For foreign country readers, maybe next time when I get some special souvenirs back from travel. (^.")


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