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November 10, 2009

Island Hopping in Langkawi - Pulau Beras Basah, Pulau Tasik Dayang Bunting, etc..

Back to Malaysia Truly Asia~ A little more about Langkawi.

Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea. So island hopping is definitely a must-do if you visit this fantastic duty-free island. =)

Each trip of island hopping costs around RM60-RM70/pax. It's quite fun for the eagle feeding session but my advice to all is, if you're visiting Langkawi try to avoid the rainy season. We were soaking wet from morning till noon because the sky was pouring non-stop except like an hour plus of sunshine in the early morning. I had no choice because that was my first year working so I had to cherish the holidays that I could get.

Early morning around 8.30am we departed by a minivan from our hotel to the seaside near Cenang Beach. The tour operator was a bit messy because the boat owner was always late when fetching us from one island to another! Not only we experienced this, but our friends also faced the same problem. So next time if you're left waiting at the jetties for almost an hour, don't be panic because it's sort of normal. Sigh...a pain in the butt for Langkawi's tourism... should improve this.

Journey started in a sunny morning.

Hopped on a motor boat.

The little islands, looks like sailing in Halong Bay?

First Island - Pulau Beras Basah.

Pulau Beras Basah literally means Island of Wet Rice. It features lush, mysterious jungle with mountains looming in the background. You can expect to see spectacular sights like the breathtakingly beautiful beach with its white powdery sand and blue—green waters. Do some snorkelling or swimming or simply relax in the sun.

The second stop - eagle feeding!! But we did not feed. Only watched the eagles circling the blue sky and flew down to grab their food.

Our third stop - Pulau Tasik Dayang Bunting.

Every beautiful place seems to have a legend behind, which makes it more interesting and memorable. Literally, the name of the island means "Island of the Pregnant Maiden". It has a touching and fairy-tale-like legend, making the island seems to be more mystical and amazing at the same time.

The story of this island began when a beautiful fairy princess – Mambang Sari and Mat Teja, a man who fell in love with the princess from the moment he saw her. Mat Teja met Mambang Sari at the lake and he was attracted by her beauty. Getting advices from a wise old man, Mat Teja finally managed to win the heart of Mambang Sari.

Living happily on earth, Mambang Sari bore Mat Teja a son. However, their happy moment did not last any longer as their baby died after a short while. Undergoing such a traumatic and tremendous pain, Mambang Sari decided to lay her child to rest in peace in the lake. At the same time, she blessed all the childless and infertile women to be conceivable after bathing themselves in the lake.

Ish...going back soaking wet after heavy rain... However we had good times walking in the rain. =p


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