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November 24, 2009

Fighting against my desire...

It's almost end of the year and looks like the travelholic princess has to give up her wild plans of travelling further around the globe next year.... *Sigh*

(Renovation + furniture) OR air tickets??

I don't think I have much choices right now.

I had been receiving calls recently from vendors asking me when do they have to send the furnitures. Oh right, now I remember I put the estimated date for delivery at end of the year when I paid the deposit. =S

"Money, money, money, Must be funny, In the rich man's world..."

My plans for travelling 10 thousand miles away now turned into bubbles. So I guess most of the time I'll be spending in my home sweet home, my little all-time-holiday-villa. Still worth it huh.

This weekend we'll be meeting up the designer and I think these few days I'll be soaking my head in the interior design magazines after work. However I still love to DIY some wall painting for my bedroom, because I believe nobody understands what I want on my wall.

But I still wanna go travel...

2 more golden chances I have to fight for next year - one trip to Bangkok, another one to Ireland. What is the statistic that I will make it? No idea yet... I hope I can still shine like last year.



Seems that you've set your foot in quite a number of countries...that's pretty cool.

Din manage to purchase the air asia discounted tickets? haha...

Anyway,hope ya house is done to your heart's content.

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