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October 15, 2009

Vegetarian Festival in Phuket - food

Time flies, I was in Phuket for last year's vegetarian festival. Few more days and it'll be the ninth month of Chinese lunar calendar. Thought of sharing this post to give some idea to the soon-to-travel-to-Phuket people. Last year we purposely dropped by at Phuket Town in the morning to witness their famous street procession.

Everybody was busy praying for good business..

And everybody was wearing white. White represents purity and clean. We all wore white too. It's a custom to wear white if you want to participate in any of the Vegetarian Festival events.

We went to the famous temple for prayers.

Then we started craving for vegetarian food in the town. There were all sorts of vegetarian food that we seldom find in local. Even the jellies also look more colorful and just like an artwork.

Fried stuffs not to be missed.


Producing popiah wrappers.

Wedges and green bean cake.

Vege 'pau'.

Mini fried sweet potato balls.

Grill sweet corn.

Fried stuffed bread.

Fried noodle.


Selling vegetarian instant noodle too.

Candy floss.

Among all the sweet tooth, we all like this the best. I don't know what is it called. And it requires some expertise and skill to produce it. Requires flipping without breaking the very thin skin.

My favorite!!!! Mango glutinuous rice~

Pickled fruits.

This is also a must try. Taste like our Nyonya kuih.

My stomach was then filled with food, vegetarian food. Was sipping fresh fruit juice then.

I bought another packet of mango glutinuous rice for dessert after lunch.

Juicy sweetness. I never had enough of mangoes.

This dessert is definitely very filling.


Wow...awesome post... with awesome photos from the one and only...traveling princess... ^^
Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here already... ^^

nice , wheres your next destination ? :P

Wow...You've been to so many places too!

You know what, out of so many places I've been to, Thailand is definetely one of my favourites!

It's not a rich country but its people are very, very friendly. Plus, I lOVE their food!! Yum, yum...

Some really D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S shots. I'm HUNGRY :)

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