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October 9, 2009

Tower Bridge, London

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- I am very very tired these days... Work from morning till night. I need a short vacation to rejuvenate. Luckily my coursemate gathering is only one day ahead, thus going to Genting and KL for a short break...and it's time to top up my little wardrobe too~ Heheh..

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down,
London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

If you think London Bridge is the huge bridge that you watched in "The Mummy Returns" then you've got it wrong. It's name is Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge over the River Thames. It is very close to the Tower of London, which gives it its name. The photo above was from Wikipedia, such a nice view of Tower Bridge at sunset. I went there in the early morning when the weather was still a bit misty due to rain.

After having our quick breakfast at Pret A Manger, we headed to Tower Bridge. It took about a 10-minutes walk from London Bridge Underground Station.

The old British buildings behind me.

I was attracted by this huge red wall of More London Place building. I stopped by and took a picture, and by the next moment I was being scolded by the security guard who rushed all the way out from the lobby! Why was I always get scolded for taking pictures...duh.

Tower Bridge is right after this narrow pathway.

Ta~da~ Tower Bridge!!! It was windy and still drizzle a little.

I was really in London then. It's a signature of London. Strong wind~~ Look at my hair.

A moment later the wind stopped blowing.

And then it blew again~~

I couldn't get a nice pose due to the strong wind...arrgghhh. Advice -- tie your hair when you visit Tower Bridge.

The bridge is 800 feet (244 m) in length with two towers each 213 feet (65 m) high, built on piers. The central span of 200 feet (61 m) between the towers is split into two equal bascules or leaves, which can be raised to an angle of 83 degrees to allow river traffic to pass. The bascules, weighing over 1,000 tons each, are counterbalanced to minimize the force required and allow raising in five minutes.

Overlooking the River Thames is Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its real name is Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, but only more commonly known as the Tower of London. It's located at the north bank of the River Thames.

And this, HMS Belfast (C35) is one of the two ships forming the final sub-class of the Royal Navy's Town-class cruisers, the other being HMS Edinburgh. She was initially expected to be disposed of as scrap but after a private trust campaign went on, she was preserved as a museum ship in the Pool of London, and opened to the public in 1971, and being maintained as a branch of the Imperial War Museum since 1978.

London's sky is most of the time full of clouds. Hardly see blue sky during early Spring.

That's why most of the photos I took in London have very dull background tone.

Initially I wanted to submit this photo to SilverKris and maybe I still stand a chance to win something if they publish it in the next volume, but Noel said NO because people might misunderstood that we're dating each other...

Moments later tourists started barging in.

The QIC team group photo before we left for Big Ben.


nice pictures!
i hope to go there one day! =)


Hi, do you manage to see the bridge open up for ship to pass by? I heard they said one a week. You look really good despite the wind blowing!
Btw, have 'McD' here :) while reading
your great post. Do drop by when u r online, thanks!

Iriene: I missed it because was in a rush, only a transit tour... was rushing to catch a plane to Marrakech after 10 hours. Will drop by your page too~

Hi dropping by. Seems like u love traveling a lot. Really cool pics too.

wow , great traveler , more pics plz , esp food pics :D

support my web too, thanks :)

thanks for visiting :)

Have a great year ahead and may all your traveling wishes come true :)

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