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October 2, 2009

Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Who doesn't love Pringles?

And since I still stand a chance to win an exclusive invitation to Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009 , I'm gonna love it mooorrreee!

Sharing with you - my Krrunch Time at HOME

Munching food can creative and innovative. And for Pringles, we can call it the pop art - popping a potato slice into your mouth and krrunch it~

For an all-time-busy engineer like me, some weekends are the days that would kill me at home... DOING REPORT!! So I tend to get a little moody at time when I'm sick with eating instant noodles or drinking instant soup.

So what's the fun to bring back my mood on food while rushing for the report without leaving home?

It's Pringles!

I searched around my kitchen, get a little creative with lunch. Get some Pringles.

The formulae >>

There goes my Pringles-chicken sandwich!

I krrunch my lunch~

“Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful!”


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