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October 21, 2009

我又想要去旅行了!!I want to go travel!!

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- My late form teacher Ms. Teh loved to travel a lot. I believe she influenced us very much, she used to share her experiences and stories in class... You're in heaven right now, I believe you have a magic carpet that can fly you everywhere. RIP..

想念。。I miss..

飞机里阅读杂志的日子 Days of reading magazine in the airplane

机场化妆间里补妆然后去公干的日子(我知道化妆都拍照真的很38。。) Days of make-up in the powder room in the airport (I know I sound like a bimbo to camwhore when make-up..)

孤零零睡酒店的日子 Days of sleeping alone in the hotel room

填入境卡的日子 Days of filling up the Landing Card

春天在山区度假的日子 Spending my holiday at the mountainside

出海游船河的日子~ Days of sailing off to the sea~

沙漠骑骆驼的日子。。Days of riding a dromedary..

晚上九点钟都还未天黑的日子。。Days where the sky is still bright at 9pm..

天啊!!我又心痒痒想去旅行了!!Oh my God!! I'm thinking to go travel again! ><"


your blog makes me craving for travel badly :P


i cant read papers or mags in the plane...will feel dizzy one

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