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October 29, 2009

Cambodian Cultural Village - QIC Award Dinner

Our QIC Award Dinner was held in Cambodian Cultural Village. We were welcomed by a team of performers when we reached there at 7pm. First time in my life that I'm being treated as a VIP.

We hopped on to the electric tour cars to get us to the cocktail party at the Millionaire House before dinner.

Basically this is how big that cultural village is. I copied it from the official page so you click it to its original page.

Photos are a bit shaky because the electric car was running fast!

There we were - the Millionaire House, right at the center of the cultural park. It extends out to the Floating and Fishing Village where we had our cocktail and the welcoming performance.

The 'uumph' for winning, fire in the heart.

I love the serenity, very peaceful after sunset.

Everybody queued for the blessing.

Another Krama (shawl) I got! A greeny Krama.

This is more than just a cultural village, in fact I was impressed by the buildings at the Fishing Village. This place has exactly the same concept like the cultural village in Shenzhen.

The cocktail party.

Just like the type of dim sum (appetizer) called 'beggar's bag'.

Candle light cocktail.

After sunset.

Such wonderful ambience.

And wonderful free flow of alcohol too~

Siem Reap after dark. Lights taking over sunshine.

While we waited for the show to begin.

The Fishing Dance.

PHILIPS on ice. Award dinner at the Mini Theater.

The naughty boy.

And the super lady.

This was the most popular food of the night - roast lamb.

Not just food... also for fun. Look at them!

A big feast for all of us!

Candle in the wind appeared to be a piece of nice artwork.

The crowd. Human and insects flying around. I've never seen such many flying bugs in my life!! Too small to be captured into photo. I've changed at least 5 glasses of wine because there were even little grasshoppers in my drink!!

This was the biggest tha hopped onto our table!

The winner takes it all!

One of these is mine! (^.^)

The Challengers' table. We did come all the way to challenge the others.

Food time~

Gaining fat.

PHILIPS in Siem Reap.

Evy you looked gorgeous!

Pretty hot mama.

Sean, Anthony and Nai. Drink, drink, eat...

Wignes, Noel, Cheryl. Drink, drink, drink! We're the alcoholic gang. =p

Apsara Dance performance.

More meat! I couldn't imagine if I did put on weight after the trip... Luckily the weather was too hot and burned all my fat. Hehehe...

The candles melted but they were such an artwork!

Receiving acknowledgement from the judges on stage. Every team had to go on stage and get the feedbacks on our presentation in the morning/afternoon.

Dinner continued with the Lotus Dance.

Some other traditional Khmer dance.

Such a wonderful night. More wonderful thing we yet to expect after this...

And....Oh MY GOD!!! We WON??!!

I've never felt so contented throughout the first 1 year plus in my career. The honour! I did it?? WE DID IT!! And what's on my mind at that time? I WON A TRIP TO MARRAKECH!!!

The moment of glory. Phone calls and SMSes after that. If you look at the replies, the management team was like WOW!! Unexpectedly great for the first timer.

Still couldn't believe we made it through..haha. Was dancing like a jerk on the stage during the ending.

And after that, of course another round of celebration at Pub Street!!

Muacks~ Thank you for everything and see you at the World Final in Marrakech!! Was I dreaming....


omg....took me minutes to read ur super long post with nice pics....

execellent place...i been to cambonia but why i did not came across this place one...

I think many people only focus on the temples when they go to Siem Reap. Actually there were many more places to be explored, for instance, even the Tonle Sap lake has up to hundreds of villages around it, and each of them has different things to see.

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