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October 13, 2009

Balinese loves crackers!

I've been crunching a lot of crackers when I was in Bali. Day and night, almost every meal, except breakfast. *Am cruching my fav deep fried pork skin.*

You can find all sorts of crackers sold at food stalls.

Including my favorite deep fried pork skin. I tried it once, got it from my Philippino-Chinese mix student last time. His mother is a Pinoy, and every time when her sisters came visit them from the Philippines, they would pack a whole box of "junk food" and send to KL. It's really cheap in Bali, probably less than a Ringgit for a packet.

And for all dishes served, you will find prawn crackers. No doubt that the fried rice in Bali really taste good, the meat were very juicy. Worth to try!

I will write a review on Babi Guling rice in the coming post. Anyway most of the food in Bali is non-halal because more than 90% of the residents are practising Hinduism.


Bali food looks a lot like the ones we always have here ;)

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Bali bali bali... nice...
Btw, nanged your post on innit and clicked your ads...^^

Thanks guys~ Clicked back too.. ^.^

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