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September 22, 2009

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club & Harbour Park (Petronas Quay)

This is a post more on photo uploads. When we were in Langkawi, it was rainy season in the west coast, thus thunderstorm always came and went away suddenly. And unluckily, it rained cats and dogs when we reached the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.

I hope I could buy one of these in future! The cheapest? RM 3 million!!!

Initially I wanted to go to the Captain's Deck for dinner but it was closed. So we went to another restaurant, Charlie's Place. Romantic environment. Recommended for couples. I love its laid back ambience.

Being alcoholic in Langkawi. So cheap!~

But I didn't drink that much. Heheh..

Dinner is served.

The stairs to Captain's Deck.

The route from Mutiara Burau Bay to Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. The red boxes are places we visited. (click to enlarge)

After dinner we visited the Telaga Harbour Park on our way back to hotel. There are a few quays in the park and the one we visited was Petronas Quay.

Never thought the ambience would be that great at night!! Especially at the harbour area.


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