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September 26, 2009

Pimples no more - how to get rid of pimples

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Gastric!!! No appetite but I just had the best meal while I'm still sick.

I just moved all the posts in my beauty blog here. Check them out under the tags Beauty DIYs and Health and Beauty. Most of the contents are about my beauty regime which I hope to share with the girls out there. (^.^)

Do you have pimples problem? I guess many people would answer "YES!!" Sometimes it's unavoidable to get pimples, especially to people like us - all year through in tropical weather, loves spicy food, dusty environment, stressed-out, and too much sebum... Pimples on my cheeks and T-zone are the biggest killers of my appearance. So how did I get rid of them?

This was me 1 year plus ago.

This was me 3 months ago.

If you want to be honest with yourself how healty is your face, go under the natural lightsource (under the sun) or stand under the natural white fluorescent light. You cannot hide anything, even a tiny winy little scar will show up. My photos above were snapped under natural white fluorescent light and natural lightsource.

I do feel sorry for myself to expose my photos with such bad skin condition at first...but if I were to share experience and solution then why not? Seriously, I've been suffering from pimples since teenage years (13 years old), and it never say goodbye. On and off, they visit me, every week, every month. The best record I had for maintaining a pimpless face was only 1 week plus. Sad... Even without pimples, the scar was there, because my skin tone was ivory, too light to hide any scars.

Worse...during uni days. =S

I spent so much $$ trying to kill the pimples, had tried almost every type of pimple gels and acne medication, but they are only effective for a certain period, dry the affected spot, but after a few days, it started popping out again! I visited Watsons/Guardian almost at least once a fortnight, for 4 consecutive years I've changed countless brands of skin care products, due to my very delicate skin....always giving me lots of headaches.

I've tried:
(1) diet control - Totally no spicy food for 2-3 months, no sweet stuff (candies/chocolates/desserts) for months, less heaty food (like peanuts/titbits/chips)...
(2) take supplements - Taking vitamin C and "skin clear" but still doesn't help much..
(3) facial routine - I don't go for facial treatment in facial salon because some of my friends got worse skin problem after trying out!! I read books and do it the natural way, cleansing my face using pure yoghurt, pure honey and so on. It did help to soothe my face whenever I had breakouts.
(4) proper skin care products - I use organic and no-fragrance products to minimize irritation to my skin. But that only helped to control.
(5) blemish gels - You name it!
(6) food/herb - I cooked barley with chinese green bean (绿豆)to detox. Helped a little but must not always drink because it's too 'cold'(凉)for girls. Not that good for health.
(7) face masks and cleansers - Don't ever ever use essense mask if you have blemish skin!!
(8) cleanliness - Very important! Always wash your face after wake up from sleep. And change your pillow case often if you're having combination to oily skin, because oily faces tend to capture dirt more easily and then clog your pores.
(9) professional consultations - Like going to New York Skin Solution? Where to find so much $$$$$?? Not practical to students and fresh grads.

Sounds pretty familiar, like what you've tried? I guess so... and they didn't really work right? So, here's my final solution -- a magic cream recommended by my friend Jeff. **Thanks for being the savior to us**

This little 5ml bottle of yellow cream is the answer! MIYOME.

I'm not doing advertorial here, but I know how you suffer like I did. I'm a travelholic, and blemish skin is a total nightmare to me whenever I go travel. Who would wanna pack a lot more anti-blemish stuff in her bag and always have to find a mirror to check whether her face is ok before taking photographs? I hate it the most when my pimply face spoilt the whole scenery.

Now that my skin had recovered 100% from pimples (gotta fight freckles though...after coming back from over-exposure to the sunlight after Siem Reap, Marrakech and Bali, luckily London was not that bad..), I'm confident and 'lighter' than ever! 'Lighter' in the sense of burden to take care of my skin whenever and wherever. But of course, I still have some minor scars on my face, hard to find perfect skin nowadays.

Last time I was even worried that sunscreen would worsen my blemish if I apply the sunblock with SPF higher than 20, because it's more oily when the SPF is higher. Now what I gotta do when going outdoor is just practically normal skin care routine -- never leave home without applying sunblock. ^.^

Alright, back to MIYOME, some information if you'd like to know more:
- MIYOME Multi Repair Essence. Made by 100% herbal formulation.

- Lactic Acid
- Glycerin
- Allantoin
- Aloe Vera

a) Remove Pimples
b) Visible big pores
c) Remove Acnes
d) Remove Blackheads
e) Sweat Stain
f) Whitening effect
g) Balancing oil secretion
h) Remove skin residue (outer layer)
i) Lightening pigmentation
j) Improving skin complexion
k) Maintaining skin moisture.

- All Kind of skin problem
- All ages

- RM110 per bottle

If you're interested, I'd be glad to help you understand more. Afterall, this is just a post for sharing purpose, because I believe you deserve to be confident with your look. I used only 2 bottles, and then bye-bye to pimples. Now I spare another bottle for S.O.S in case I have one or two tiny breakouts due to dirty environment during travel.

Now, I only care about one thing when I go travel -- my sunshade!!

Disclaimer: This post is meant for sharing purpose. Please refer to your doctor or dermatologist if allergy or irritation persists.


At a glance, RM110 is expensive.
But after you've tried more than 5 types of blemish treatment, say around RM10-RM20 per bottle, and it never solve anything, then I rather pay RM110 one shot for a one time deal.
A few of my friends all recovered and now we no longer have pimples problem. Still it depends on individual choice.

hi there... was wondering where i can get this product????????

Mel: Are you from Malaysia?

hey Cheryl, yup i'm fr M'sia. :) pls tell me that i can get the wonder cream here!!!
my acne problem is getting worse nowadays....

Hi Mel, I know how you feel..
Well, sure you can get it, I can get my friend to buy it for you, ship it right to your doorstep.
RM120 per bottle, send by pos laju.
Send me an email or add my msn cheryltan_11@hotmail.com.

hi, i'm Elsa..jus come across ur blog...jus curious bout tis product...I read tru one of d gurl's blog too...& she posted some bad comments bout tis product....said tat if discontinue to use tis product...then ur skin prob will become worse...so jus curious bout wat do u think??...since u hav tried tis product for some times.

Feel free to drop me an email...khenglh@gmail.com...I'm really interested to know.

Thank you very much!

Hi Elsa,

Thanks for reading my blog. I think skin care products have different effect on different skin. Miyome saved my pimply skin no doubt. Not only me but my friends. However I do think it might not suit some people or maybe they use it wrongly. For example, how many people are really sure that they clean their face properly? Washing face also has the correct steps. Do you agree? Sometimes pimples or acne occurs because of wrong way of cleaning your face.

For myself, I know my skin better than the beauticians, so I always choose to take care of my own face rather than going to the beauty salon. I had my skin complexion tested twice by the Japanese beautician from Kose Japan years back and already understand what should I do to ensure my skin stays healthy. Honestly, I've tried dozens of products, and only Miyome 'killed' my pimples. I've stopped using it since then, because if you continue using, your face might have peeling effect and becomes very pale, so I think the the writer of the article that you read (no offence) applied it wrongly or overuse. One advice for skin care product: never rush and apply too much. Else the effect might be opposite.

Miyome is not that kind of 'mild' skin care product, my friend already warned me before I started. He thought us how to use. Yes, it's a HE. A few of us tried it and we had great results, all of us already stopped using, unless once in a blue moon a big pimple popped out (very rare to have pimples now). Undeniably this product is 'aggresive' compare to what I've used before, so I do think some people may find it not suitable (mostly because they overuse or use it wrongly). We only apply a very very thin layer.

If you really wanna try on this, I propose the steps below:
(1) Use a gentle washing cream (ensure proper cleaning)
(2) Pat dry your face gently with a face towel
(3) Scoop out a little bit of Miyome cream (scoop is too much...), the size of half a rice (yes, very little will do)
(4) Put a drop of water to wet the area of your face where you want to apply Miyome
(5) Smooth out Miyome onto your face (the moisture will give better absorption and also control within a thin layer to prevent your skin from peeling)

That's all I have to say about Miyome. But firstly, get to know your own skin first, because nobody should understand yourself better. If you need more sharing, feel free to drop your comment. I'm more than happy to answer. More of my beauty ritual you can find in my beauty blog.

can i have more details bout the product? please email me darlenemak@hotmail.com thank you.

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