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September 22, 2009

Langkawi Mutiara Burau Bay Resort

We stayed at Mutiara Burau Bay Resort during our last visit to Langkawi. It's a 3-star hotel located at a 5-star location, the tranquil seaside of Pantai Kok. If you plan to have a romantic getaway, this hotel is simply remarkable. I like its chalets by the slopes of hillside stretching to the sandy beaches. The room tariff is around RM400+ per night, the cheapest.

Welcome drinks.

Seri Mutiara Restaurant.

The beautiful poolside.

Our chalet. Run-of-house Cabana.

Posing by the rocks.


It's really a very nice place if you opt for a relaxing vacation.


Wandering around. Can go for spa.

Ready to go out for dinner.

Beautiful lighting at night.

A bicycle ride maybe?

My room.

Morning by the seaside, 2nd day 6.30am.

Morning seabreeze, very very refreshing.

Breakfast. American buffet.

Great seaview. See the chalets opposite this beach? It's the private beach of Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort.

Hanging on the hammock.

3rd morning.

A closer look at Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort.

I had this as my desktop wallpaper for quite a while. Nice isn't it?

Overview of the chalets.

The last picture before checking out. It's great to stay in a chalet! Trust me, give it a try~


hey guys , ur photos are so beautiful like u guys, that girl is really cute

Last time I stay Awana Porto Malai Resort, seems like Mutiara Burau Bay Resort also not bad too, can consider to stay there next time.

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