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August 14, 2009

Shopping and seafood... my diary of Fisherman's Wharf (II)

Back to Fisherman's Wharf story...

Jayant became my photographer of the day. But too bad it was too windy at the wharf! I hardly captured a nice photo which my hair was not flying.. >.<"

Arrgghh...the seagull flew away when I tried to go nearer...

Make Your Own Pressed Penny Souvenir~ I like this!! Sometimes when you travel, you tend to end up having lots of small change especially after doing some shopping. It's always good to have such DIY souvenir machine around because you can turn the pennies into souvenir.

I made more than one. If not mistaken, at least 5, at a few different machines.

To spend an adventurous day at the Bay's area, you can rent a bike and cycle all the way to The Golden Gate Bridge. If I wasn't on a business trip I'd definitely do so.

I've seen quite some street artists but this one is really cool. He's painted himself with the gold paint!

And he made robotic moves too...

Some people prefer to earn money in their unique way.

Happy children gathered at the "Share Love" corner.

Share some love yea~

So here comes the shopping spreeeeeee..... T-shirts as souvenirs..

One of my favorite collection. Been buying paintings and scenery prints everywhere I travel. =)

I love the cooling breezy atmosphere, the flowery scent of spring. Strolling along the street with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand had never been so relaxing.

Although, the chocolate bear looked a bit gloomy.

Even the McD looks more lively... I'm loving it!

My stomach started to growl...when I reached the food street corner. **yummy yummy**
Then suddenly a group of people riding on the 2-wheel-skaterbike (erm...I don't know what is it called..) passed by. Interesting.

If Jayant did not become our guide, I think I had to spend ~USD50 to take the hop-on-hop-off city tour.

Now I seeeeee LUNCH!!!!! Delicious seafood lunch awaiting!!

Seafood seafood seafood!!! The Crab Station. They pack for travel.

I mean WOW!!

Don't come to Fisherman's Wharf if you hate seafood. I can't have enough of the seafood cocktails!!

And OMG crabs!!

Seafood salad for take-away.

Now here's my portion. A half lobster with shrimp salad.

Guess how much it costs.

Besides that I ordered a calamari cocktail too.

Oh ya, we sat by the roadside for lunch...because NO OUTSIDE FOOD allowed in the restaurant. I wanted to try the lobster but the waiter wouldn't let me in. So what more could I do? But luckily we still able to grab a seat opposite the stalls. You see, when you have a big sister around, there will always be someone to take care of you. ^0^

Sock Chin was busy shedding lobster flesh for me.

While I camwhore with my fav calamari cocktail.

Now I got a lobster claw.

Obviously not only the people were enjoying seafood. These seagulls were enjoying clam chowder!

Lucky creatures. Fed by the visitors everyday.

The sky turned cloudy again after we finished lunch.

And then it started to rain...again...

So there were I ready for twist and turn -- to Lombard Street.


I saw this penny maker machine at Hong Kong Disneyland too...but I'm so in rush for the show until I forgot to make one for myself...

Yep, I had a few from HK Disneyland too. =)

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