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August 18, 2009

Pret A Manger - the all natural sandwich outlet

The first glance at the name "Pret A Manger" on the window glass of the restaurant, I thought it is named "Pret A Manager". I know I sound silly... ><" All because I was too hungry and my sight lost focus...

"Pret A Manger" (meaning ready-to-eat in French) is a made-in-London sandwich retailer. However it's not like any other outlets that franchise their business, every shop is owned by the 2 bosses - Sinclair and Julian. I love their concept of going natural, keeping the products fresh, and doing charity at the same time! Every week they send 12,000 meals to the homeless through charity organizations, not just once but in long term.

Sandwiches and confectionaries they sell are "just made". Everything is wrapped with paper or cardboard instead of plastic. And the most important thing to me is that they smell SO DAMN GOOD!!

Not just breads or sandwiches or rolls, try the LOVE BAR~ Do you feel love? They do spread a lot of love through charity.

I love lots and lots of things in their shop, including the tissue paper. So emphasizing on going gReEn... You know what, not many people choose to use a 100% recycle materials in their business because they are expensive. In fact, with such good business in 150 outlets, will you think a less than 9% profit for an annual turn over of 150 million pounds is good enough for you? But they are very firm on their concept. That's very nice isn't it.

My breakfast! Mozarella and tomato croissant, and a hot latte.

Yummy yummy..

Even the cup is publishing the "Pret Passion Fact". This one is interesting. Click on the photo to enlarge and read about how they control the temperature so that it'll always be lower than 60degC. No wonder it was not that hot when we sipped our beverages...

Noel's sandwich. I think it's Skipjack Tuna Sandwich. Front view of the sandwich box.

And the back view! I would bring back the box as part of my collection if that's the last day of my trip. But unluckily it's only the first day... *sigh* Ok I know you'd think I like to collect rubbish. Yes I do. I have over 500 books and travel brochures collected from everywhere in the world, including those brought back by my friends. So I may just spare a "collectible exhibition room" for my own in future.

Back to take a look at my team mates. Well then, everyone was so hungry...

The shop was full house, and we only manage to squeeze at the seats beside the kitchen. The 'Just Made' kitchen.

My mozarella melting into the tomato~~

I was like doing advertisement for "Pret A Manger" huh... Come come~ Enjoy your breakfast here and spread the love.

You know I just love to take photossss... until sometimes my friends complain "CAN YOU JUST LEAVE MY FOOD ALONE??"

Ok, ok, the last one. I bought this Super Natural Apple Juice before we left the shop. I knew I can't survive without water, especially after long distance flight I was already dehydrated. I forgot to finish all and kept it inside my backpack, ended up being blocked at the airport security check that late afternoon during the security scan. Duh...it's only 100ml left!! So I gulped the remaining 100ml in front of the airport security and got back this cute little tumbler.

Alright, this is really the last one. The final self potret shot in Pret A Manger before continuing our journey to the Tower Bridge. Just another 10 minutes walk.

Till then...to be continue...


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