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August 17, 2009

London Underground

The most convenient and wisest way to travel in London is through The Tube (London Underground). We reached London at 7am, and upon the immigration stuff and after converting $ into £, it's already 8.30am. Time to transit out out the airport to town!!

There are a few options to go to the town:
(1) by Heathrow Express (15 minutes to the first connecting Underground Station)
(2) by Underground (1 hour to the same connecting Underground Station with Heathrow Express)
(3) by bus (around 30 minutes to 1 hour depends on the traffic condition)

After considering the time and $$, our choice still --> UNDERGROUND - Piccadilly line

With this,

and this,

we covered an 8 hour tour unlimited ride with only one payment.

The travel planner. =)

And her "clients".

Sleepy faces.

Now guess how many stations we had to ride before reaching our first destination...?

The third one.. Hounslow Central.

The fifth one.. Osterley.

Somewhere in between the fifth and tenth station.... Gosh! It's already half an hour!

Were we at Acton Town station...or.... Can't remember.

Hop in hop out. Hopping like a kangaroo in London.

Mind the gap.

Though it's peak hour, but still consider not-so-busy if compare to Singapore or Hong Kong.

Finally at the Green Park station. Changing to Jubilee Line. 4 more stations to go.

Very windy in the tunnel.

If you lost your ticket...£50 only lolz.

I notice that South East Asia people don't read. Almost everywhere I travelled people read. In the bus, in the train, and also while waiting.

So here are the pretenders...

Hurray! London Bridge station! After 23 station.

Way out of London Bridge station. Tower Bridge here we come~

The first friendly English man I met.

Stomach started to sing.

Starbucks Coffee stall. Starbucks for breakfast? Erm...yes? no. yes? Well, NO.

Alright, time for breakfast. Leave the station~ Now we're only steps away from Tower Bridge. =)

Welcome to London. Although we were walking in the rain.


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