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August 6, 2009

Flying with Airbus A380

Back then was our first trip to London with Airbus A380. Transitting through London to Marrakech. After wandering around Changi International Airport for almost 4 hours, we were really bored and started to do some calculation...

First of all, how much do you know about A380? Honestly I'm not familiar with aircrafts. The only info I have about this gigantic aircraft before I boarded it was: it is a double-deck, wide-body, 4-engine airliner which accommodates around 500+ passengers for 3-class-config - economy, business class and first class seats, and another 16 private suites which costs approx a Perodua Kancil per return trip. And the weight it carries plus the plane itself... approximately 60 tonnes!!! OMG...60 tonnes! Can you imagine seeing 60 elephants flying in the sky?

By the time we were about to board the plane, it was already around 11pm.. The sky was already so damn dark and we could only had a quick and vague glance at this gigantic airliner...like this... We tried to capture the image with at least 5 cameras but unable to get it right due to the reflections.

SQ322 - my second longest flight after the flight from Singapore to San Francisco back in March. 11 hours!!!

Been collecting boarding passes recently... Now I got a A380 boarding pass...Hahha... But was pretty sure that I need to prepare quite some stuffs on board. I hate flights which consume more than 6 hours because I will usually get dehydrated and then would at least visit the washroom 5 to 6 times!

Watch movie -> go toilet -> eat + drink -> wash face -> sleep -> suddenly wake up!! feel dehydrated + super thirsty & dry -> drink lots of water -> go toilet -> sleep -> wake up again drink water -> go toilet -> drink water -> sleep -> wake up feet swollen!!! -> walk around (maybe go toilet lo..) -> watch movie and drink again -> fell asleep unconsciously -> wake up drink again -> go toilet -> wash face -> cannot sleep anymore!!! -> watch movie -> eat..eat..drink..drink.. -> toilet AGAIN!!! -> wHaT?? still not yet reach destination!!... -> exercise and massage my swollen feet...shouldn't have taken off my shoes!! -> meal time again -> better go toilet to wash face before landing..

Finally it's boarding time. Suites, First class, Business Class and PPS Flyer go first...always....wonder when only I get to fly with First class.

Welcoming with a dashing smile. BUT someone got scolded because was in the wrong queue - Economy class queueing at the First class queue. Hey can they be more polite??!! Economy class passenger not customer meh?

Do you know how long did it take to clear all the queues into the plane?? Almost a 3-quarter hour!! Imagine around 500+ people boarding a double-deck plane, for sure it's not easy. Furthermore have to clear the upper deck queue first before continue with the main deck.

Blurry looking face after waiting from 4pm to 11pm - fly from Penang to Singapore and then wait for so many hours!! Anyhow it's worth it still... QIC Finals mar...

Row 45 in the main deck.

Finally I get a clear view through the window before stepping into the plane!

The interior... any difference with Boeing 747??

Although the seats are more spacious (actually not much difference, only look wider), we still didn't have good sleep...

My seat was right here!

Where usually babies cry all night long...but luckily the twins could sleep well along the flight. Beautiful mama with cute babies.

3 on the right...

3 on the left...

Cozy natural shades interior.

We waited...waited...and waited....the flight had delayed for half an hour!! Then the pilot only made an announcement that someone in the flight was not feeling well and the doctor was diagnosing if he could continue with the journey or need to disembark. Finally everything was under control and we took off!! Do you know how long does a medium size plane need before taking off? It's approximately 30 seconds. And this big heavy fella?? Almost 2 minutes!!!

After 3 hours.... Lights still on.

After flying for 5 hours...lights off.

After 8 hours...

We're almost there!!

UK Border Agency landing card.

Another 30 minutes to go. I saw rainbow.

And finally we landed. 11 hours and my feet were really swollen.

This is the interesting part. The suites!! Costs a Perodua Kancil for return trip.

Oh...I saw Trafalgar Square...the symbolic lions.

Now then we really had a clear image on the giant airliner that we boarded. How big?

This is A380.

While this one is the medium size airliner. Same scale of image zooming.

I love all the wallpainting in the airport!! Amazing!

Night at the Museum?? I felt like walking into the wall!!

Very very attractive wall. I think this is part of Tower Bridge or London Bridge??

Everything about London is on the walls. Now the Underground.

Did I still look fresh? Of course...I've washed my face twice along the journey.

Oh I like this one too...it looks cool.

Heading towards the baggage reclaim.

So, there were so many people arrived at London. We queued for almost an hour before our turn. Need to transit out for sightseeing before the next flight to Marrakech. 13 hours transit and stay in the airport...?? Are you kidding me? NO WAY!

When we checked in our flight they said our luggage would go all the way to Marrakech even that was not a connecting flight - we need to fly with Royal Air Maroc to Marrakech through Casablanca. But then we were still worried and decided to confirm again before leaving the airport just in case... If we lost our luggages...then we'll be in big BIG trouble. All our team outfits and the exhibition stuffs will be gone.

Luckily...none of these were ours. =) So off we went to the $$$ changer to change the traveller's cheque in USD to British pound.

London here I come!!


Nice trip u hv, never use SIA before...must be very exclusive.

p/s: Just notice that you hv a same birthday as my friend, Lee Ming...7-11...hahaha

whenever i travel i wld ensure i do not get seated near the first row where babies will usually be seated with their parents, esp long journeys

Geok kee: I have many friends who has the same birthdate as I do. =) Easy to remember.

Johnny Ong: We didn't want the seats too but it was a full flight so no choice at all... On the trip back from London we were able to take the upper deck seats.

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