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August 10, 2009

E-printing my travel photos

You know I've been travelling heavily, especially this year. Every month I get at least 2 immigration stamps in my passport since January. Every few weeks my hard disk will be full...overloaded by pictures!! Weeks ago my friends and relatives complained to me, "Aiyo, go here go there but no photo to show one meh??". (puzzled...erm...) Honestly I've not developed any photos since 2 years ago after my convo, usually I share with my family all the photos I took on my pc screen.

I hate going to the photo shop to develop photos, very time consuming because I seldom go shopping (I know as a girl it's kinda weird). Moreover I have to go back to the shop again to get my photos back, and have to pay the developing fee...until...I bumped into eoe Online!! Online photo printing, including delivery, cool right. Especially when the photos will be delivered to your doorstep.

Check out the website and register an account today - http://www.eoe.com.my
I've got myself an account there, and am using the Photo Express Software happily.

The 5R's of Photo Express. Click here to check out how to use to software.

Oh ya, forgot to mention that you'll get free delivery if your order exceeds RM35. Currently eoe Online is doing a promotion too, each 4R print at only RM0.30, you’ll get your money worth! Not forgetting the time you saved travelling too!

Guess what I'm uploading now...my Bali trip photos!!


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