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August 13, 2009

Bali - Arriving under the moonlight

Never seen me with glasses on? Yep, because I'm not short-sighted at all. It's only for fashion okay? I got it months back during the movie shooting for appreciation dinner. This is what I call - the "wizard Hermioni" look.

Ok cut it short, no more "flying" story because I'm kinda getting bored with taking flights. This is the Arrival/Departure Card of Indonesia. Apparently I'm already in the flight... And Air Asia was AGAIN NOT ON TIME!!! For 30 minutes man!

After 3 hours of nap in the flight without mask on (very 'brave' hor...because I think I'm already immuned after travelling across the earth continuously since 4 months ago but now I guarantee I will definitely wear!), finally we landed in Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar.

Soon after check-in to the hotel, we immediately left the hotel for late dinner. We went to the most happening street - Jalan Legian. Exactly opposite the popular night spot "BOUNTY".

Bali is well known of its Hinduism culture. Behind is a small private temple for daily prayer.

I know I looked very very tired...

I am totally addicted to avocado drink after this trip... Every meal I ordered avocado!!

Here comes my Tornaedo ..... erm...forgot the name. Only could remember the "tornaedo" when I was starving. Anyway it's beef.

I know... oily faces...

BOUNTY~ See that? Just across the street from Maxi.

After dinner we walked to the Bomb Statue. Many tourists stopping by to read the names on the marble wall and take photos. This place is known as "ground zero", where the suiside bomber detonated a bomb in his backpack inside Paddy's Pub back in year 2002.

The attractive signboard beside Maccaroni.

ER = Engine Room

Apache.. No worries of getting food at this area.

And finally BOUNTY! It's Ladies Nite on Sunday night. *wink wink*

The Kuta Motor Taxi! I saw quite a lot of 'angmo' riding this. Drunk on the ride.

Okay going in now.

It's a ship made into a night club. And we drank until 1am. Totally exhausted!

...to be continued...


Wao...so nice and happening...like Uluwatu the breathtaking scenery...

It's even more breathtaking when you're standing right in front of the Uluwatu temple.

wow nice bali!! the sunset should be nice!

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