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August 27, 2009

Bali accommodation - the worst hotel I've ever stayed

Talking about accommodation, this hotel should be the worst that I've ever stayed! From the brochures or even postings on the internet, you would never expect how big is the difference of the photos from the truth.. The miracles created by photoshop.

They may look clean. But in reality... I didn't even dare to sit for even 1 minute.

Some traditional Balinese design wall. Very dusty and very 'antique'...meaning not maintained at all... Never seen a 3* hotel so old and broken. Photos look ok but in reality is the other way round.

Basically this reception is only for display. Everything that we requested...
"Sorry we don't have.."
"I have to ask my manager, but manager not around...maybe you come back again tomorrow morning?"

The keys to the room of surprises... Surprises neverending...
Broken floor tiles (broken tiles in the bathroom.. first time that I have to wear slippers in the bathtub...), crazy shower (30seconds hot, 30seconds cold, one moment the water pressure was so damn high and the next moment the shower was like totally no water!!), smelly toilet, broken closet (couldn't even hang my clothes!), and the dustbin is even more broken than the public wastebin... arrgghhh!!

The breakfast... 2 toasts with butter and jam, a glass of juice, and coffee or tea...
If that's what you serve your guests for breakfast, it shouldn't be ranked as a 3* hotel. This is even worse than staying in homestay.

Look at my disappointed face.. Duh..first morning in Bali. ><" Starving... Didn't even filled half of my stomach.

The only beautiful thing is the garden in front of the spa room.

In order to make mye happier, he started to do some photoshooting for me..

At first we thought of going for a swim. But the water was icy cold! And there was not even a person or life guard there. The pool is not that shallow though, and I'm easy have muscle cram in swimming pool, that why I didn't go into the pool.

The Balinese style garden. Only good to see in the photos. But at least the photo looks good right?

Black and white. I love this one.

This post sounds very boring and demotivating right? Yea I feel that too, in fact that's my feeling when I am writing. Until today I have only one perception about this hotel -- bl**dy hell.




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