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June 21, 2009

Camel riding day and night

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Jetlag's not over yet...shit!

First experience of riding a camel (actually a dromedary, only 1 hump) - fun!


I've been dreaming of camel riding since years ago after watching The Mummy. Pyramids and camels...always on my list of things to do. However this time I was not in Egypt, but Morocco. Anyway, still desert. =)

Adorable? Of course they are. But I bet you won't like their smell.

Heading to Kasbah Le Mirage for the teambuilding!

So that's all about it?


Evy gave us another big surprise in the evening...

An exclusive Moroccan soirée in the middle of the desert!!! And how did we get there?


No kidding. All dressed up in "djellaba" and "chech" and off we go~

Can you imagine?? 101 dromedaries with 106 Philips family members riding on them~ (some people chose to walk..)

From evening...

Until night...

Just because of this special soirée....

And guess what...2 hours of camel riding because some of us lost the way and we had to wait for each other in the dark..

The only direction to follow was this light path...amazing!! And we made it. =)


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