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May 15, 2009

We are going to QIC 2009 World Finals in Marrakech~

I have nothing much to say now as I'm too damn excited and exhausted. 4 months before I kissed my QIC Local Finals trophy, and tonight I kissed our Asia-Pac Regional Semi-Finals trophy!!! Being a Champion all the way to the QIC World Finals in Marrakech, I've dreamed of that but I really had goose bumps just now. First time ever in our company history and we've had a breakthrough~

We are going to be the ambassadors of both Malaysia and Lumileds in Morocco. My dear team mates I love you all!! 1 years and 10 months in my first job and I've created history twice. Never ever been among the top students in my class for the past 4 years but now I'm already at world class... For one moment now, at least one moment, I feel that I've achieved an honor which the rest has not... Thank you God and all the blessings from my dear colleagues and counterparts. Wish us luck in Marrakech!

The award dinner at Cambodian Cultural Village.

This is irreplacable.

...and a cert which is more meaningful than a first class honor...gonna get another one written "participation in QIC World Finals" in June.

Last but not least, a priceless silver Philips Lighting QIC tie pin that belongs to me! Good night as we will continue with the event - touring around Angkor Wat, Bayon and Angkor Thom tomorrow.


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