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May 8, 2009

Nite at Patong beach

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- 5 more days to QIC Regional Semi Finals... meaning 5 more days before I land in Siam Reap.. my my..

This was our 2nd day in Phuket, or I should say it's our 2nd day in Patong. I went for shopping at the night market nearby the hotel we stayed yesterday and bought this really lovely dress.

At first we thought of going to the other beaches but since Patong has so much more to be explored, we cancelled the initial plan.

What that made me frustrated is I CAN'T EVEN READ A WORD IN THAI!!! Luckily English signs are everywhere in Phuket, unlike some places in Hatyai which some signs were totally without an English word.

After coming back from the canoe excursion, we took a rest and then went out again during dinner time and started hunting for food. Then we came to this restaurant opposite the sandy beach of Patong.

The environment was quite romantic and we thought this place fits just nice for 3 couples to dine in after the exhausting canoeing.

The guys were starving and started ordering food.

And meanwhile, the princess enjoyed camwhoring while waiting for the food to be served.

..one on vacation...one on pre-honeymoon...and one on honeymoon..

This is what happens usually when there are 6 people with 6 cameras in hand.

Angela purposely flew all the way from Hong Kong to join us for this buddies' vacation in Phuket. It happened that when I was planning for the trip one day then suddenly Philip popped up in my MSN window, and so, I "dragged" them along to be my tripmates! Had not meet up each other since last X-mas in Hong Kong in 2005. That was 3 years ago and man, we've all grown older!

Michelle was on her honeymoon, different purpose although we all tagged along for the trip.

The environment was really nice, but...price is also higher.

I couldn't remember how many coconuts had we ordered since we landed in Phuket... Everyday feeding on fresh coconut, coconut shake, coconut freeze...

Second glass of coconut shake! No reason for me to say NO since the weather was so damn hot and humid.

Same as for Philip..

Here comes the food! Seafood Tomyum kung.

Fish or chicken? I think it should be chicken with cashew nuts.

Some crab in spicy sauce. I stopped taking photos after this dish because was too hungry by then. Have to make the growling stomach shut up.

Everytime when I travel, I used to travel only with Steve, always just the 2 of us. We always like to go places and do stuffs that most Asian travellers find it not enjoyable. Therefore this photo is precious and meaningful, as it's the first time that I could make a trip with my great buddies!

Dinner done! Time for walking around and doing shopping~
I remember that there's a street named Soi Bangla isn't it.. Soi means street...what about Thanon?? Strange that I couldn't find any Soi Bangla around Patong. Meaning this is actually Soi Bangla?

The photographers on the move. DSLR!!

Guess where I went to...yep, Jungceylon again. But the night view feel was totally different from the daytime.


and DAY!

Romantic NIGHT.

and sunny DAY.

What I like about Jungceylon is the architectural design and quite a number of fountains around. Do you feel soothed when looking at the waters splashing at fountains? I always feel the tension relieved whenever I go near some running water and listening to the splashing sounds. It's some sort of therapy.

Not forgetting about shopping, I bought some of these fancy lamps for my new house decoration. Now I realized that I should have bought more...aarrrgghhh!!!


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