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May 29, 2009

Dreaming of the desert and Big Ben

Just finished another engineering report...AGAIN??
Yep another, a day after I finally closed my Green Belt -- GRADUATED!~
Good things are coming through, flights are booked, Morocco VISA on the way, and I'm flying again to the World Finals on 8th June!
This time it's gonna be a looonnnngggg trip of 10 days and I can't wait another week (although it's just another 9 days)!!
6 days in Marrakech, 2 and a half days in London - WONDERFUL~

bUt... oopss LOOK AT THE WEATHER!!!

Gosh I needa squeeze my luggage again...?? Sunblock + shawl at the same time? Kidding huh?!

Anyway it's gonna be a fun fun fun, nothing but FUN event - Philips Lighting's biggest annual event. Can't wait to see Evy again there. Camel riding in the desert perhaps. And yeah, of course -- BELLY DANCING!~

Without realizing or even planned, I've nearly travelled across the earth from east to west in just 3 months. From Penang to San Jose in my last trips, then this coming trip Penang to London, London to Casablance, Casablanca to Marrakech. =)


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