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April 11, 2009

Stepping on the land of U.S.A

After the 28 hours flight, I finally reached San Jose!! It's my first morning in U.S.A the land of freedom. First day to start my work in the PLLC Headquarters too.

Due to Homewood Suites Hilton was fullhouse throughout the weekend, I had to share room with my colleague Sock Chin who was already there a week earlier than I did. I helped company to save cost instead! Well..actually I hate the hassle of check in and check out, so since I'd get my room 2 days later, staying with Sock Chin would be a better option.

This was the first time in my life that I wake up feeling the breeze of spring. Flowers everywhere!! Are those Sakura?!

The entrance to fill up my tummy~ Lovely wall lamp. I'd get one of these for my new house.

Too bad winter is over, else I can sit by the fireplace at night and barbeque some chocolate marshmellows.

The place where we had our breakfast and dinner.

We sat at this table almost every morning. Partly because I love purple. Some other tables were decorated with yellow or white flowers.

Typical breakfast in U.S. I've never consumed such high calorie breakfast for nearly a year. Thank god that I didn't put on any pound after a week in U.S. Every morning they served egg, cheese, bread, sausage, muffins, waffles...

And I had 7 tubes of this throughout my 7 days in U.S!! Couldn't help...I love cheese. I squeezed it on my salad, scramble egg, buns, sausages... Ooo...it's so damn creamy and I still miss it.

***End of pt.1 the morning version*** TIME TO WORK!!!

Meetings...meetings...meetings... Finally office hour's over and YES!! it's Friday~ Ah gu (Mooi Guan) fetched us back to his house and we had dinner together with his family. Due to daylight saving, it's actually only 5 something PM. The sky was still clear and bright, and my, I've never seen a sky so clear and so blue!!

Ah gu lives in Fremont. The mountain was still greeny, looked just like a painting. They told me that it'd turn into brown in another month or two when summer arrives.

Where his family lives in U.S, a house with a garage. The environment is so peaceful, you could see air planes flying towards different directions in the night sky.

His house even has a spacious backyard, nice place for BBQ. =) That was my first meet with his youngest princess Sharon. When they first relocated to SJ she was only 4 months old.

Now she's already 7 months old! Cutie little girl. Love this angle of mine too...Sock Chin's masterpiece. Don't you think this photo has so much of that Korean drama feel? >.<

Happily running around~ Dinner time.

We went for Vietnamese food. Most of my U.S. counterparts love Vietnamese food. I just came back from Vietnam a week ago...thus I did not have expectation on the taste. But surprisingly they taste great! Only that the portion was too big for an Asian.

What that attracted me was this...

Dip the sheets into hot water to soften 'em.

And then remove 'em from the water and wrap the vege andmeat into spring rolls. I enjoyed playing with my food, not really playing lah, kidding only.

After dinner we all went for shopping at Great Mall. Went there to get myself a jacket because it's always freezing cold in the morning and the one that I brought was not warm enough.

Now I'm missing the twilight of U.S...sky's always clear with bright stars. Like it just as much as I like the movie "Twilight". Can you believe that I watched it 3 times in my flight??!!! Don't ask me was it because of Robert Pattinson...I think most girls would say yes. >p


love the blue skies!!
cant get those in msia!

Yes.. everyday I enjoyed so much looking into the sky.

How wish I could look into this pure blue sky everyday *_*

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