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April 13, 2009

My lunch at Falafel's Drive In, San Jose CA

It's about foooood again~ This time -- a Middle East cuisine called Falafel.

Eugene and Jayant brought me to this Falafel's Drive In for lunch. This is a strongly recommended cuisine in San Jose according to them. Especially the falafel sandwich and fresh banana shake!

In Malaysia, people queue for char-kuey-teow and economy rice during lunch, in San Jose the people queue for falafels and salad! Even the dogs love it (it's vegetarian cuisine man!).

Eugene and Jayant helped me do the order...because I'm 'tall' enough to see clearly what's the menu on the wall.. (>.<)

And there goes my falafel. It's even bigger than the soup bowl that I use at home...HOW COULD I FINISH SUCH A BIG PORTION??!! Not just bigger than the bowl but I couldn't even hold them well with both my hands!

My fresh banana shake. Thick and smooth. I will never forget the taste. I wonder if McD could have something like this in their menu..

Some other people's banana shake. Look, it's really thick.

We love it with the spicy sauce, and this was one of the less ordinary times that I had messy meals.. I used at least 6 tissue papers while eating this huge falafel! Jayant said I had such a good control holding the falafel in my hands since I didn't drop any piece out of the pita bread. Heehee..

Kept pouring the spicy sauce into our falafels. We had spicy sauce all over our table. I was surprised when I found out that this super delicious meatball-like thingy is actually made of vegetables!! It's afterall a vegetarian dish. That really gives a big WOW~

Feels like I'm doing food review this time. Hahah..I would give 4 1/2 stars out of 5 for this falafel. By the way here's the map. Need I describe more? Check out the reviews, I think the fans had expressed what's on my mind.


Cant imagine when will we have the chance to go to US.
That falafels really huge ~

If it wasn't a business trip, I won't have the chance to go there so soon. Convertion rate so high...

hi there Princess, I'm princess Arlini and i'll be adding you to my princess list aka blog list. Thanks.


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