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April 27, 2009

A cozy spring afternoon in Sapa (Part#2)

When you're surrounded by such a big group, you're in deep trouble... The Hmong tribe has very good business skills, usually you cannot run away.

Stunning and colorful Hmong handmade shawls. In shops you get to spend at least RM60-RM80 for one like this, here it's not even half of the usual price. Would you have affection for colorful shawls selling in a market place just right beside some construction area.. I guess not.

I walked along the staircase to another street where Sapa's weekend market is held. Nothing much to buy but outfits and souvenirs that symbolize the minority tribes of Sapa.

The church.

T-junction at the weekend market. Here's where we're being 'trapped'...

Trapped by the innocent eyes.. These 2 little girls followed us as far as 2 streets!

"Buy from me..." I guess nobody would say NO.

Sakura sakura sakura!!! Never thought of such a romantic picture would appear in Sapa.

I enjoyed lazing around the riverside in the cozy afternoon.

Yellow flowers blooming everywhere.

Taken by the riverside.

I then went shopping for souvenirs at the weekend market. She made those dolls all by herself! Amazing.

It's only 4pm and the weather's already so damn foggy!!! Luckily we went trekking in the morning, or els I can't imagine walking back from the village at 7pm... Creepy~


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