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March 3, 2009

Sin Chow Hanoi!

So, we just came back from Hanoi yesterday. Am really really tired and my muscle crammed due to trekking trips at Sapa and sea kayaking at Halong Bay. And today my mailbox burst! Emails~emails~emails~ Dozens of work to clear before flying off to San Jose on next Thursday...arrgghh..

However, I had a really breathtaking vacation in Hanoi-Sapa-Halong Bay although it's a very short trip this time. Credits to our Vietnam friends Tony/Nam/Thinh for the perfect arrangements. This trip was not just about vacation; we have a prolong fellowship and missions to accomplish. Having friends around the world is certainly one of the best things in life, especially when your friend owns a travel agency. =) Then travelling seems to be at your finger tip.

Toi ten la Cheryl, toi la nguoi Malaysia.

Chapter 1 temporarily ends here. Loads of stories to share later on... I really love Sapa. Green and serene. Simple and peaceful.

And even the animals live in harmony...honestly I've never seen such a big fat hairy pig!! Or is that actually a hippo??!


Hi, Can I have your friend (whom owns a travel agency)contact?

Hi sk, you can email me.

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