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March 12, 2009

Live blogging...from Changi Airport

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Here I am, all alone at Changi Terminal 3, doing emails while eating lunch. It's 2pm now and I still have another 3 hours to go before transit to Hong Kong. Total travel hours from Penang to San Jose -> 28 hours!!!

I had a really hectic week at work after coming back from my vacation, and this morning was not a smooth one though... WHY?? Last minute before I checked in my luggage at the airport BOTH THE LUGGAGE HANDLES DROPPED OUT!!! WTF!! So mom and dad sped all the way back home and brought me another one just in time. Gosh I didn't miss the flight. Lucky enough that my house is just 10 minutes drive away from the airport, or else I'd have a heart attack. Thank you pa & ma~

Ok, forget about the unlucky stuff. This is my first business trip out of Asia. =) See my tickets? Yea I know I'm not boarding a business class seat, but during this recession time I'm still able to make a trip to U.S., that's already good enough isn't it? Company needs me...muaahahahhaha...(I think so)

Here's my favourite part of flying every now and then, I love the blue sky so much~ Always did online check in to pick my favourite window seat so that I can enjoy the feeling of flying into the clouds.

The familiar refreshment set of Singapore Airlines.

Flipping throught Kris World Magazine to search for my favourite movies to be watched later. Now only I realized that I've missed so many movies recently. So that means I'll be enjoying movies in my 4 hours and 11 hours flight later.

This time I touched down at the new Terminal 3, and of course the first thing I'd wanna do is find the rest room and then go for lunch. I went to the Visit Singapore counter for assistance on direction, and then found out that Singapore is currently promoting tourism 'aggressively'. 2 hours sight seeing tour for specially for transit passangers ~ F.O.C!! Even up to 3 times per day!! The shuttle will pick from Terminal 2 and then send you back on time to Terminal 2 again after 2 hours. To and fro takes around 2 hours journey. However I did not join because I need to continue with my work and emails, and then blogging. Heheh..

Had a good rest and touch up at the rest room, they named it as "Powder Room", sounds like a room for storing explosive items huh.. Anyway, I really liked the cozy place. Big mirrors and soft sofas for a good rest. Felt like sitting in the changing room where the celebrities had their make up and hair do.

Put on a little make up to look more lively.

DONE! Aha~ Feels better!

Time for a lunch treat, a light one. Then back to work. My Microsoft Outlook "Out of Office" autoreply is on but still I'm replying emails...this is an engineer's life. Always in working mode. But I'm quite efficient as I can work and blog at the same time, don't you think so? =P

In order to work without frowning, I got myself a little treat - GELATO!! Now working during flight transit does not seem to be that boring when I 'garnish' it with some little sweetness. Till then, back to work!! Time to sink my head into excels and powerpoints again~


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