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February 15, 2009

My Name's on Hall of Fame

This is a big surprise to me!!! What is your reaction if you see your name scribed on the 'Hall of Fame' when you pass the entrance to your office?? I would say it's one of the best things that happened in my life! I mean, my career, my first job in my first company. =) And we're going to Siem Reap in May, hopefully we'll be adding another line in the Milestone column soon...

Back to the QIC Appreciation Dinner, I never felt so wild and free. Even in the uni days where we had ball nights, I used to be as careful as possible. But this was a special night to all of us, so how could we waste it?! Never been at so damn center of the attraction among all dinners that I've attended. And I was being put onto the stage (in Chinese: 摆上台)...

Even the guys also kena bomb..

Nice was being voted as finalists of best dressed, but the truth was to entertain the crowd. So, there we were, 6 of us had to pretend to be the top models of PLLM... Gosh..

So we started off with Noel on the red carpet...

Then Saw...

And up next Scotty, or our Daniel Craig of PLLM... (not bad to have 007 working in my company huh).

Then followed by the ladies...Choon Im...

Me...well I always like #2.

And then Hui Shi.

Wanna take more glance on my moves? It's been 8 years since I last did my catwalk in the public. I was involved in the fund raising event for my graduation magazine back in the high school years. Only did it once without any training, and now...again...but just for laughs.

See? I myself was also laughing...couldn't help it!!

I like to move it move it...do we call this the flying hair effect??

Ok, another one. If I could look this slim from all angles for sure I'd be happier...

I love this angle.

Pretending to be a little professional.

Giving a last turn before up to the stage again.

Mamma mia...here I go again...

Then continued was the couple walk. We requested for the guys to walk together as the audience were complaining that the guys did better and hotter than the girls.

Fun was all night long!! I just love to hear laughters all around, especially after months of hard work and tension. There goes my Die Fab team!! Champions. =)

Oh yea, and who at the dinner would wanna miss a chance to take a photo with him...my VP. ;p Do you think he looks more like a celebrity than a VP?

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