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February 21, 2009

Flying again

This time...by MAS... Been rushing a lot boarding a flight to and fro PG-KUL right after work to get my U.S. VISA. Snapped through the window seat during take off from KL.

This is the only photo that I love. Snapped through the window of my room in Renaissance Hotel.

San Jose here I come!! Glad that my SJ counterparts are ready with the itinerary to tour around San Francisco, even with their families. Thank you guys~ I really need a free ride and a guide due to very very tight budget -- heavy travelling throughout Q1 & Q2. My mentors teased me that I'm as busy as them. Well, the U.S. folks are not that cold afterall like what most of my colleagues claimed to be; they can be hospitable at times too, depends on how we treat each other. I always believe that I have the warmth to melt the iceberg -- through sincere partnership in work and hospitality.

Till then, see you all in WW11 - Eugene, MG and Serge. Would like to extend my stay but however I need to get back to Penang for I have commitment in our Appreciation Dinner. Biggest surprise awaits...


Nice travel pics... me always enjoy the sea cruising... glad to know u enjoyed the trip...

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