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February 5, 2009

Buffet at Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Zodiac prediction is accurate. Especially to me. WHY?? Frequent travelling this year... and yes, as soon as CNY arrived, my schedule is full! Vacation to Hanoi in Feb, biz trip to San Jose in Mar, biz trip to Singapore in April, QIC Regional Semi-finals to Siam Reap in May! Do I still have time to carry out my daily tasks in Penang??! But I just feel wonderful... it's like - Everybody needs Cheryl. =P

Recently the work load is killing me... That's why I've been away from blogging for quite a while. But luckily I still have a bunch of really great colleagues. Never could have enjoyed working life without them around. Another hard year has passed, therefore we went for a feast as usual. This time - Sarkies Corner @ E&O Hotel.

A colonial coffee shop that offers a wide selection of delicious local and international fare, where the choice is yours - à la carte or - if you simply can’t decide - help yourself to a little of everything in the spectacular buffet spread.

The long table as usual...with a few new members joining in.

As you can see, the whole restaurant was full of 'ang mor kau'. I think there were only 2 or 3 tables which were occupied by Asians.

Was almost CNY, decoration was as well using the Chinese red lanterns.

Come to the choices of food...


~Fruits and vege (some only for deco)~


~BBQ meat~

~Soup and pasta~


~Salads and some oriental dishes~

"Anybody wants ice-kacang??"

Well, I was totally off from the shooting this time. KS took almost all the photos. So if the snapshot quality deviates, it's definitely not my problem lolz.. =p Suddenly I became KS' model of the day. Caught in the act!!!!

Okay, talk a little about the oysters. The sizes are as big as my palm, or even bigger! Looks delicious but I only able to swallow 2. Damn...I was laughing like a siao cha bo...duh..

My dish of grilled seafood.

Leoh's dish of cheesseeee.

After a few dishes, the gang had again started the camwhoring thang. Of course I was in!

The 2 guys in my team who always like to make people misunderstand that they are g*y. But in fact they're not.

My taukeh and taukeh-so and the baby in his mummy's tummy.

"Hahahha...whoever competes with me in the eating competition will surely lose."

Who can compete them for laughing - Jeffrey and Caroline. Everywhere they go you can hear their laughter.

Stop it TC! Saliva flying everywhere!

The "greedy" man.

Leoh started to get a little drunk?! Yea he's been drinking quite a lot. Free flow of wine!!


Family photo time!

Full family photo.

There's always something funny happened. And this time before we left, SOMEONE fell off from the chair!! Guess who... Hahahaha... Well maybe we should have asked for some discount because of the mild injury.


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