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We've done it 3 times!! Couple trip 2009, friends trip 2010, and family trip 2014.

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I was just a touch-and-go tourist in a short 3 days...

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February 26, 2009

Sailing off to Phi Phi Island

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Counting down to my SJ biz trip... Flying out of Asia for the first time!!! Excited..haha... I've started to love my career more now. =) Oops...should be counting down to my Hanoi vacation trip first...few more hours to go....HEY I'M ALREADY AT LCCT NOW!!! Well, too many trips this year. Yep, I like to move it move it!

That's why I keep on movin'
Yes, that's why I keep on groovin'
Yes, that's why I keep on doin'
Doin' what I'm doin', y'all...

Been too busy in work since CNY this year. Not much time to update my travelog. Writing more technical reports and emails than my blog post these days. 4 more hours then I'll be flying again. To Hanoi. Before my next trip, I'd like to write a little more on my last trip to Phuket, well, more accurately, should be 2 trips before. I travelled to SGP and KL after Phuket trip.

Basically we spent our 3rd day in Phuket to Phi Phi Island. This excursion was not as good as the previous one to Phang Nga Bay. Spent 2 and a half hours from Rassada Harbour to Phi Phi Island and then another 2 and a half back to Phuket!!

So 5 hours gone just for sunbathing on the deck... Luckily my sunblock was doing great, so I only got a little tanned after the trip, and what's most important, no damage to my skin. Was suffering the pain from sunburn in my last trip to Langkawi.

Sky was sunnier than ever, and I could feel myself bbq-ing under the sun. I couldn't have survived through the heat for 2 and a half hours if I did not find the lower deck which was an air-cond room. =)

1 hour plus later, we finally reached Maya Bay. This is the location where Leonardo Dicaprio's movie "The Beach" was choreographed. The cruiser boat was so damn full, everybody was blocking each other and the exit to the side where we could take a closer look at Maya Bay was totally stucked. So I missed the nice coastline!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN. I will never take a cruiser boat again if I ever go to Phi Phi again. Rather pay additional 100 bucks for a private speedboat.

The guys were enjoying the sea breeze and photo shooting... I had never felt so freaking hot (burning sensation...??) before. But a sunny day is always the best friend of a camera.

I would have become blind if I took off my shades. Ok, excuse us for the following camwhore photos... You see, there's really nothing much to do except sunbathing and taking photos.

Half way through some people disembarked the boat for their customized itinerary. They transferred to a smaller boat and headed to Coral Island.

My travel mates - best buddies from Hong Kong, the engaged couple Philip & Angela.

And the newly wed couple, Ethan & Michelle.

Well if Steve would smile a little more, I think this photo looks quite perfect... The colors blend so well!! This is called summer baby!~

See the lady in stripes below? She's a tourguide. In fact, nothing to do with me at all, but she has our photos in her cellphone!!! When we were busy chit-chatting all the way she suddenly tapped on my shoulder and asked me if I could take a photo with her... I a superstar or a celebrity??! She was like...OMG!! I WANNA TAKE PHOTO WITH YOU!! I was quite puzzled for a second before I nodded, then she grabbed my arms and passed her cellphone to her colleague (I think the guy was her tourguide partner), "Tolong ambil gambar." Can you imagine the reaction when you meet a celebrity or so? That's it. I've met Siti Nurhaliza with my best pal in Mid Valley's Sushi King, and yea, that's probably the same reaction like her fans.

Me? A star??!! C'mon!! Weird experience. Maybe she's mistakenly thought that I am one, just not sure who.

How was my skill? My models did better huh..

So this is it!! We've landed on Phi Phi Island. Starving already so everyone was rushing to the restaurants for lunch.

Venue for our seafood delicacies. Buffet lunch.

Forgot to snap any photos of the food...we were like hungry ghosts during the lunch. Hahha...

Phi Phi Island is actually pretty much like Redang or Perhentian Island. But the waters of Phi Phi is emerald green, while the waters of Redang is aquamarine. I was quite disappointed when we could only spend a few hours in Phi Phi Island. There's so much more to be explored, or maybe I could do diving, join a shark hunting trip, or even go cliff diving (too extreme).

The pictursque Phi Phi! Let's see when I can come back here again...then I will spend 3 days here!

An hour after lunch, we embarked a boat for the snorkeling activities. It's really crazy to torture my skin and hair under UVA/UVB and the salt water. But I just love outdoor activities, can't help it! My surname is 'Tan', but my skin is not.

Michelle just bought an Olympus 850u digicam, the one you can bring underwater. So we used her camera during snorkeling. I'm not a fan of Olympus, never liked the colors but this water proof function is pretty cool.

Another half day hair tangled so badly after soaking in the sea. What's killing me was another 2 and a half hours back to Phuket!!! HELP!! And our pretty couple here fell asleep all the way back to Phuket. =)

What about us? Hahah...see our feet? Needless to say, we barely had no topics to chat about. 2 and a half hours...easy lah.

February 21, 2009

Flying again

This MAS... Been rushing a lot boarding a flight to and fro PG-KUL right after work to get my U.S. VISA. Snapped through the window seat during take off from KL.

This is the only photo that I love. Snapped through the window of my room in Renaissance Hotel.

San Jose here I come!! Glad that my SJ counterparts are ready with the itinerary to tour around San Francisco, even with their families. Thank you guys~ I really need a free ride and a guide due to very very tight budget -- heavy travelling throughout Q1 & Q2. My mentors teased me that I'm as busy as them. Well, the U.S. folks are not that cold afterall like what most of my colleagues claimed to be; they can be hospitable at times too, depends on how we treat each other. I always believe that I have the warmth to melt the iceberg -- through sincere partnership in work and hospitality.

Till then, see you all in WW11 - Eugene, MG and Serge. Would like to extend my stay but however I need to get back to Penang for I have commitment in our Appreciation Dinner. Biggest surprise awaits...

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