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January 4, 2009

Tiffany Café & Restaurant, Singapore

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Sky's gloomy...emotion's gloomy... What's wrong with me??!!

Although Christmas is over, the festive cheers is still on heat~ Yea I'm at Singapore at the moment and Singapore has always been one of the best places to spend your Christmas and New Year countdown. Spending the time alone at overseas during the festive seasons is definitely not that fun. Especially when you still need to work on 31st December tomorrow in other people's office...cubicle was totally vacant, only my laptop and my organizer on the desk... Luckily I'm not the only one here, TC is also stucked here until 2nd Jan. Hahah...at least I have company for dinner after work.

Tiffany Café & Restaurant is one of few Hotel Restaurants serving an International buffet and a la carte savouries from a Halal kitchen. The décor of the café creates a cozy ambience, perfect for conversations with light snacks and drink.

We stay at Furama City Centre throughout this bisness trip. TC suggested that we can try the international buffet at Tiffany Café after work. Many of our counterparts had tried it before and almost all thumbs up. Well, in this case I should not miss it. So many people purposely come from afar for the buffet and I'm just staying in the hotel!

So after work, we headed back to the hotel for the scrumptious buffet dinner~ Wuaahahhahaha... If you wonder what's called being "lucky", I do think most of the time I am, and I usually bring luck to people around me. Heheh... If we're a 5-second slower, we would have missed the dinner. It's fully booked!! And we didn't book at all. =P Maybe I can be a Santarina and help to spread good luck around.

Sweet chocolate-y Christmas déco...I love it! By the way I sat right opposite to this chocolate house. Nice view for dinner time.

Back to the food. Mussels. Octopus. Prawn. Clams. All seafood stuff.

He never really snapped any photos after so many trips to Singapore. So I'm gonna make sure he gets some nice pictures this round when I'm around. Well, I'm always the camera girl in my team. Almost all time.

"Lucky" enough to be seated at the very corner...ish...at least we get to have our dinner. No issue. Hahah..

I'm not that crazy over seafood, but I do like octopus and squids very very much. No crabs here, too bad..

The art of eating buffet.
Rule #1 - NO rice or starch.

Rule #2 - Seafood comes first.

The waiter and waitresses asked me if I were from Hong Kong. Do I look like one? Even the aunty I met at the MRT station yesterday (29th Dec) didn't believe that I'm a Penangite. New counterparts here also thought that I'm from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong...they said my skin looks very fair. Hey, Penangites are not that dark though!! Come and take a look in Penang, we have lots of Snow Whites here today.

Rule #3 - Grab the poultry.

Rule #4 - Enjoy Sashimi! Never could have had enough~

Rule #5 - Sip some chowder when you're 3 quarter full.

Rule #6 - Dessert!!

Finally full and contented. I give 4 and a half star out of 5 star!! We spent almost 2 hours in the café talking and eating. TC's advice, never go to buffet alone - you will never eat much because of boredom. Quite true. Eating alone is quite suffering especially when there is plenty of great food for grabs and you got nobody to share. He had a bad time in the previous trip eating alone.

"So I guess you should thank me a lot for making your buffet interesting. Can I have coffee with ice-cream on top now please??"

...let him serve me as my waiter. =P

My Rank: 3.5/5

Furama City Centre, 60 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059804

Tel: +65 6531 5366 ‎

Transit: Chinatown (240 m SW) NE


my salivary glands are in overdrive. i must visit Singapore someday. if there's anything i love more than myself it's food. hehe

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