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January 6, 2009

New Year countdown @ Clarke Quay

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- One of the happiest day ever~ I want more!! Yes...crazy visions may come true if the angel hears you. =) Anymore hallucination? No! Because it feels so good. I feel good. Now back to work - one more week before QIC, I don't wanna collapse before the presentation.

First time ever to countdown in Singapore. I could have much fun if my buddies tag along. But, this time was kind of boring because...my only countdown partner is not an adventurer nor someone exciting to me.

In order to avoid transportation problem after countdown, I decided to go to Clarke Quay instead of Marina Bay. Only 10 minutes walk from my hotel to Clarke Quay. Atmosphere on the street was still cool around 8pm. We actually spent the whole night at Clarke Quay, from dinner till supper, from 2008 to 2009.

Nothing describes better than the photos. I lurve the lights!!! See the wonders LEDs can make~

Happy 2009!!! Where was I at 00:00 1st Jan 2009? Cheers~ I was at SUN with MOON, a Japanese restaurant by the riverside, eating Macha Tiramisu and sipping my Mojito, I love the taste.

It's gonna be a very challenging year ahead, I can sense a lot of changes tomorrow onwards. So let my Care Bears do some blessings for me... Happy New Year baby! How adorable my "Love-a-lot" and "Good Luck" are...


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