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January 13, 2009

Chinatown at Night

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- I look so damn tired with puffy eyes and puffy face. It's been a week!!! I only get to bed at 2am every night. Competition is not easy...when I dream also I dream of slides and animation. Terrible! I'm having phobia with powerpoint right now. Thank goodness we finally get it done today. At least I' have time to rejuvenate my skin under the essence mask tonight. Need to look shine on Friday anyway~ It's gonna be our moment of glory!!

Already more than a week back from SGP, yet still don't have the time to finish my blog posts on SGP. Due to this was a business trip, I didn't get much time to do sightseeing but only do some light shopping and eating around where I lived. Where else but Chinatown?! A place where the Chinese culture is well preserved. I bet most of the non-Chinese foreigners like it really much. This post is basically more on photographs of Chinatown under the moonlight. Am very very tired after the working hours and so less words but more photos in my blog recently.


Ah, i'll be dropping by soon too

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