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December 13, 2008

What is your blog's readability?

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Starwalk tomorrow! And my future MD invited me to support him in his fishing competition at the seashore behind Queensbay Mall tomorrow morning after the Starwalk. Cool...my first time to 'join' a fishing competition. Lunch on him...hehehe....

Found this interesting BLOG READABILITY TEST thingy from Criticsrant.com.

Can you read my blog and understand what I'm talking about all the while?

If yes, then CONGRATULATIONS! You're a GENIUS!!

This is Kenny Sia's blog readability...Elementary School???!!!

Erm...Malaysia's top blog readability is at elementary school level??!! So should it be Elementary school better or Genius better?? *Confused* However, I think this test is only applicable for English written websites, because I did a little test on the Chinese written websites, and all having the same GENIUS category.

Try yours. =)


I got Junior High School...haha, I prefer to be elementary, so got more view, my blog too deep for M'sian...haha

hmmm strange........... i got high school, im sure i use abit more vocab than usual right.


If it's elementary school it means that ur blog is readable to for most ages while if it's genious level, than it takes one to understand LOL

Just some of my thoughts

Yes, I think it's like what Geoshua said.

but one of the criteria IS the type of words you use though.

basically if you stick to plain and simple understandable english you will probably get elementary school or somethig...which is my explanation for Kenny Sia's results.

Alternately chinese blogs (which conssits entirely of words the site doesn't understand) will be translated into a Genius category. Of course there are other criteria for "judging" possibly, such as content which is why YOUR blog got the Genius as well. (Don't worry, you're not speaking in some un-understandable language.)

But yeah, the conclusion is the same as his.

I got elementary school by the way which is probably good for me because I believe the easiest way to get a message across to people, is to target them when they're still kids. LOL.


Agree with Geoshua...

Hmm, I got Elementary as well. The language I use in my blog are all quite basic I guess.

I don't really like this test cause they don't exactly list any 'criteria' to get what results and so on.

This "test" works based on how many words you write in your post. If your blog has lots of pictures in it, then most likely it would be elementary. If there's a lot of words, then it'll be high school or something.

I got a 'genius' ...

Basically I just blog...nothing special whatsoever lol...just lots of basic English...

Wondering why myself...

Hmmm.....mine's College (Undergrad). Wonder what it means for me then?

kenny sia actually blogs in quite a simple way really lol. thats why it appeals to alot i guess.

as the site already suggests, readability means the state of being readable. so if elementary school kids can read it means you use simple languages and thus, definitely better than the genius level.

I got a genius level too....kinda of strange to me. Haha

I used to post more photos in every post...and simpler english than Kenny Sia's or Nicolekiss'... surprised to get a 'genius' also..

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